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riversg asked: Hi Renshou, I saw your work in junior thesis show and senior open studio and thought they are really cool. I also saw that you've interned for a fashion design company. Can you share any pieces of advice or experience of working in the fashion field as an illustrator? (I am also a recent graduate of SVA and seeking opportunities in the fashion world, and I think it'll be great to ask someone experienced and really talented for some advice) Thanks!


Hi thanks for liking my work. To be honest I don’t think I can give much advice on your question coz even myself is still on the stage of trying things out. If you are interested in working for a fashion company, then from my own experience I’d say the first thing to do is to get yourself a starting point by doing some research on what you can do in fashion n what company you’d like to work for. It’s important for people like us, who don’t study fashion in school, to know what we are good at n try to fit in the industry with it. Then you’ll know what to bring into your portfolio to show the potential of the direction you want to go for in fashion. Not that many fashion companies want illustrators, so it’s hard for us to be seen n considered in general. If you are asking about doing fashion illustrations as a freelancer, I simply have no experience on it since I haven’t taken any freelance since graduation. Anyway, good luck!

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